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Our Team

Pioneer Propane LLC is more than a business, our employees are part of the community.   Our kids go to the same schools, we shop at the same stores and we wave when our cars pass one another on our way into town.   Meet some of the folks we are proud to call our associates:

Michael Dew - Owner / General Manager

My grandparents, parents, uncles, and family have owned, worked for, or been involved in the propane industry for over 60 years. That commitment to customer service, my interest in learning the science and physics of propane and a lengthy successful career in the industry led to the creation of Pioneer Propane.

Arnie Finley - Dispenser / Dock Sales / Plant Operations

Investor and shareholder, Arnie has been with Pioneer Propane from the beginning. A retired small business owner and shipyard superintendent, Arnie manages safety, regulatory compliance, facilities improvements, and maintenance. Arnie's commitment to safety, superior customer service, and your propane cylinder and parts sales contributes to Pioneer Propane's full service reputation.

Robert Bliven - Route Sales Manager

Robert has been with Pioneer Propane 4 years. A former building contractor and over the road trucker, Robert's specialty is scheduling your propane delivery, safe, efficiently, and economically for your convenience and peace of mind. Allow Robert to manage your propane need on a keep full basis.

Janet Segle- Office Manager / Accountant

Former small business owner, mother, investor, & accountant. As Pioneer Propane grew we needed an office administrator who could help us grow to our potential. Jan's commitment to Pioneer Propane's mission of Always There, Always Fair has been crucial to our customers trust in us and their good will... telling their friends and family that Pioneer Propane cares enough to get it right.

Patrick Patterson - Mechanic: Truck / Equipment

Small businessman and independent contractor. The Pioneer Propane powered vehicle fleet maintenance and improvements are performed by Pat. Pioneer Propane does not charge fuel surcharge fees or haz-mat fees. That is because Pioneer Propane's fleet is powered by clean burning eco-friendly propane motor fuel. Pat is instrumental in keeping our delivery costs to you as safe and economical as possible.

Fred Helms - Service Manager

Retired propane company owner and career propane professional came to Pioneer Propane to fill in part time to enhance his retirement. Fred's experience, do it right once attitude, thorough propane knowledge and commitment to customer service while mentoring to our newer team members has been integral to Pioneer Propane's success. As Fred says to me, "You know Mike, the service department is what grows a propane company".

Travis Peach Donovan - Installation and Service Tech

Travis is the tank set king at Pioneer Propane. Whether you need our everyday residential 120 gallon tank, 500, or 1000 gallon underground tank or commercial installation, Travis gets it done safely and on time. Pioneer's commitment to training on the most current piping and appliance applications allows our customers availability to the most efficient propane systems. Travis' interest in learning and healthy curiosity into all things mechanical creates customer satisfaction.

Stephanie Segle - Runs The Dispenser- Front Desk Receptionist

Stephanie has worked in non-conventional jobs for women ... some framing, roofing, and installing hardwood floors. She received her welding degree at Peninsula College in 2012, then decided she wanted to try her hand at something else. Her ability to problem solve and do just about anything asked of her has made her a valuable Pioneer Propane employee. On days off you might see Stephanie hiking up and down the river with her fishing rod.

March Dochnahl - Customer Service / Inventory

Mark Dochnahl is a retired business owner and City Parks and Recreation Manager. His professional background and attention to detail is the reason we think he's the best at customer service and oversees the construction and inventory of our new showroom. Stop by and see Mark for everything propane.

Marc McVey - Driver / Route Sales

Marc say's "if it has wheels I can drive it, safely!" and is our designated Professional Truck Driver.  In addition he handles much of our Route Sales and can help you schedule your propane delivery today ... by phone, in person or on-line.

Did you know ... ?

A single pound of propane can generate 21,548 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy. For comparison here is how propane stacks up to other fuels:

  • Propane: 21,500 BTU /lb
  • Gasoline: 17,500 BTU /lb
  • Wood: 7,000 BTU /lb
  • Coal: 10,000 BTU /lb
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